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Retirement Plan Solutions

We recognize the importance of selecting and designing the most appropriate retirement plan for you and your employees. Employers who provide a solid retirement plan are better positioned to recruit, retain and reward quality people needed to keep a business competitive.

As a full service brokerage firm with access to a wide variety of non- proprietary retirement products, RBC is positioned to implement a retirement plan solution that helps to meet your company’s needs and objectives.


The process


Our experienced retirement consulting team assists in finding the right retirement solution for your company. These professionals know plan design options, service vendors, and the latest products.

As a team, we work with you during each stage of the retirement plan process. We will:

  • Assist you in examining your company’s retirement plan needs, goals, and expectations. Research the retirement plan marketplace to find a retirement solution that is right for your company
  • Guide you through each step of the implementation process
  • Provide an on-going service process to help make sure your plan runs efficiently and effectively


Components of our service process include:

• Assistance with a written Investment Policy Statement

• Assist with investment reviews

• Analyzing asset allocation with you

• Delivering on-going customized education

• Advising individual employees on request

Our financial advisors are a critical part of the service process providing employee investment education and service. They are your primary contact for taking advantage of the benefits provided by our wealth management process.

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Core Satellite Allocation

Core Satellite Allocation

You may find that a particular investment philosophy can work well over time — and yet, during periods of market turmoil, you might be able to take advantage of opportunities by following an approach that complements — but doesn’t replace — your tried-and-true strategy.

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Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving

Support a worthy cause while lowering your tax bill —
a win-win situation

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Retirement Planning Process

Retirement Planning Process

We believe managing your wealth to produce an income during retirement is fundamentally different from managing your wealth while accumulating assets for retirement. This is why we have developed a clear and disciplined process to efficiently manage those distributions for a long and prosperous retirement.

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