Liberty Partners And RBC

Together, Liberty Partners and RBC Clearing & Custody provide strength and stability to investors.


Four Layers Of Protection

In today’s rapidly changing financial markets, you want to entrust your investments to a strong partner. Liberty Partners and RBC Capital Markets, LLC, provides the protection you need. We view the safety and security of the assets in your accounts as a priority equal in importance to the work we do helping you build, enjoy and share your wealth.

Safeguarding Your Financial Information

Safeguarding the privacy of our clients’ personal, business, and financial information is a responsibility we diligently uphold. is may come as no surprise. As careful stewards of the wealth entrusted to our care, we are equally committed to — and equally rigorous in — our approach to online data security.
Liberty Partners has been serving the needs of independent representatives since 1990.

Our offices span from the East Coast to the West Coast. Our representatives are all professional, experienced independent business owners serving their local communities.

You seek a reliable investment partner. One you can entrust with your assets and financial records.

You may enjoy greater confidence knowing RBC Clearing & Custody is part of a well-known institution distinguished by a long heritage of financial strength. Our parent company, Royal Bank of Canada (NYSE:RY) is one of the world’s leading diversified financial services companies.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is “clearing?”

Securities markets are highly regulated. Whenever money and securities are exchanged, regulatory bodies, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, require that every aspect of the transaction be documented and verified. The process of completing and documenting the trade is known as execution and clearance.



How are clearing functionsdifferent from brokerage activities?

RBC Clearing & Custody, handles the processing of your transactions. We do not provide investment advice or execute any orders from you. Your financial advisor is responsible for determining investment suitability and initiating transactions and investigating and resolving any inquiries you may have about your account.



What is a fully disclosed relationship between my broker-dealer and RBC Clearing & Custody?

A fully disclosed relationship signifies the contractual agreement between your broker-dealer and RBC Clearing & Custody. RBC Clearing & Custody notifies the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) of the agreement, thereby disclosing the relationship. Each client is notified of the relationship via the disclosure letter. The disclosure letter also details the responsibilities the introducing broker-dealer and the clearing firm have to you.


Is RBC Clearing & Custody an established firm?

RBC Clearing & Custody is a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC (“RBC CM”). RBC CM is one of the largest securities firms in the nation and has execution capabilities on all principal exchanges. RBC CM is owned by Royal Bank of Canada, which trades under the symbol RY on the New York Stock Exchange.



How long has RBC Clearing & Custody been providing these services?

We’ve been providing clearing and custody capabilities since 1979. We service over 180 independent broker- dealer firms. Our experienced staff is well versed in the needs of financial advisors and their clients. With RBC Clearing & Custody, your financial advisor has a highly responsive support staff working to meet your needs.



Does RBC Clearing & Custody keep me informed of activity in my account?

Although you do not directly place transactions or inquiries through RBC CS, we do generate confirmations for securities transactions in your account. You will also receive statements of your account in a clear, easy-to-read format. For further information about your statement, please ask your financial advisor for a copy of “Understanding Your Account Statement.”



What does RBC Clearing & Custody do to protect my privacy?

We are dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguarding the personal, business, and financial information entrusted to us. RBC companies follow comprehensive privacy policies and security practices in compliance with applicable laws. We share client information as necessary to perform our everyday business purposes. In addition, our privacy policy states that we can share client information for other purposes, including for our marketing purposes. However, we do not share client information in these instances without the express prior consent of your broker-dealer or, in the case that you utilize a product or service offered by an affiliate of RBC, without your consent. To answer any questions you may have about the information we collect from you and with whom we may share that information, please visit



What other services does RBC Clearing & Custody provide?

Through RBC Capital Markets, LLC, RBC Clearing and Custody provides execution capabilities on the New York Stock Exchange and all other major exchanges. We also offer an Over-the-Counter Trading Department and a Fixed-Income Trading Department specializing in government, corporate and municipal bonds; certificates of deposit; and collateralized mortgage obligations.



Does RBC Clearing & Custody provide features that benefit me directly?

RBC has a variety of products. Our cash management services feature unlimited check writing and a Visa® Platinum Debit Card. Our fee-based products enable you to pay a simple fee based on the value of your account, rather than a commission for each transaction, while offering you access to top money managers and choices from thousands of mutual funds available at net asset value. A host of retirement plans are available to fit your needs. Plus you can view account information and market news 24-hours a day at No matter what products you choose, you’ll receive a combined statement from RBC Clearing & Custody at the end of the year, as well as tax related documents depending on your account type. Please contact your financial advisor to learn more about specific products and services we offer.

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