How To Identify Your Best Clients

by Oct 6, 2016

Many people feel like they have a low number of dream clients in their database, but this is not unusual. Here’s how to find those ‘A’ clients in your client base.

In our businesses, most of us spend a lot of time searching for those “dream clients.” Unfortunately, as we drill deeper into our client base, we might find that we only have a few of them.

This is not at all uncommon and nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, I’ve worked with plenty of reps at our firm who have spent decades in the financial services business only to discover that we only have seven ‘A’ clients in our client base. How do we find these clients and what do we do with them? First, ask yourself a few questions:

How much revenue have your clients given you this year? Consider new business that’s been done either on a transactional basis or on a recurring basis for this year.

How much recurring business comes off of those clients every year? We’re talking about turnkey, first of the year, quarterly, or however the insurance trails might pay.

Do they value the relationship that they have with you? When you call, do they answer? Do they call back and leave a message? Do they respect your time the way that you respect theirs or in the same way that they would respect an attorney’s or accountant’s time?


Do they act on your advice? Even the biggest clients may neglect your advice. I remember I once had a client who did absolutely nothing that I recommended to them aside from one insurance sale, which made them one of my larger clients for that year. The reality is that I never managed any of their money, they never acted on any of my other advice, they didn’t value my time or the relationship, and they really were not an ‘A’ client despite their large sale.

Have they introduced you to another prospect or ‘A’ client? The question now becomes: how easy is it to get this information for you? How easy does your broker or RIA make it to obtain that information, and then what do you do with it once you’ve got it? Next week, I’ll go over what you can do with these ‘A’ clients once you’ve identified them so that you can replicate them and build systems out of generating more ‘A’ clients on a consistent basis.

If you have any other questions about Liberty Partners or about segmenting your database, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I’d be happy to help you!

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