Planning For Retirement

Our Five Step Process

We believe managing your wealth to produce an income during retirement is fundamentally different from managing your wealth while accumulating assets for retirement.

This is why we have developed a clear and disciplined process to efficiently manage those distributions for a long and prosperous retirement.


Analyze your retirement needs

The purpose of the first step is gaining a thorough understanding of what makes your retirement and financial life unique. And the pay off is having the information necessary to plan effectively.


Build a foundation

The purpose of the second step is creating an assured income base. The pay off is having a dependable income stream to cover some or all of your living expenses, no matter how long you live.


Establish a withdrawal strategy

The purpose of the third step is to determine how you will create your retirement income from your lifestyle portfolio that will supplement the assured income from your foundation. The pay off is having a source of income for your lifestyle and unexpected expenses, as well as protecting assets for your wealth transfer goals.


Implement products and solutions

The purpose of the fourth step is to build a portfolio that creates the income you need for today and the growth you desire in the future. There are fundamental differences between constructing a portfolio to help grow your wealth (accumulation) as compared to building a portfolio that will help create your retirement income (distribution).


Review and monitor your progress

The final step in our process is to make adjustments to help preserve your portfolio throughout your retirement. The pay off is having the ability to correct your retirement income plan when it gets off track, as well as to adapt to new income needs you may encounter in retirement.

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