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Safeguarding Your Financial Assets

Since we all depend on this technically sophisticated financial system — and participate in it every day — you may be wondering what we are doing to help ensure cyber security.

Safeguarding the privacy of our clients’ personal, business, and nancial information is a responsibility we diligently uphold. is may come as no surprise. As careful stewards of the wealth entrusted to our care, we are equally committed to — and equally rigorous in — our approach to online data security.

Our firrm along with RBC follow comprehensive privacy and security practices in compliance with laws and to support our commitment of trust through integrity in everything we do.

In addition to stringent privacy practices, we employ a diverse range of technologies and security procedures to ensure safety, confidentiality and reliability of information and transactions. This includes using secure socket layer encryption, authentication protocols, firewalls, computer anti-virus protection, data integrity systems and online safety mechanisms.

We also employ a comprehensive security organization, including a security operations center with a global mandate, real time monitoring, and dedicated incident response capability, backed by extended teams around the world.

We will never, under any circumstances, send you an unsolicited e-mail that includes a link or phone number asking you to update or verify your account details or other personal information. To ensure that your privacy and information remain con dential, we will use encrypted e-mail when we correspond with you when applicable.

When we receive an e-mail request with instructions for your account, even if it sounds legitimate, we typically will follow up with you directly using the phone number on file to confirm the instructions.

Be assured that we will remain vigilant in our efforts to protect your privacy and safeguard your personal, business and financial information. Additional information regarding RBC’s privacy and information security practices, including specific security measures, can be found on our website as indicated below.

We also recommend our clients take precautions to protect themselves. The website below also includes steps you can take to ensure a safer online experience.

RBC privacy and security


Core Satellite Allocation

Core Satellite Allocation

You may find that a particular investment philosophy can work well over time — and yet, during periods of market turmoil, you might be able to take advantage of opportunities by following an approach that complements — but doesn’t replace — your tried-and-true strategy.

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Retirement Planning Process

Retirement Planning Process

We believe managing your wealth to produce an income during retirement is fundamentally different from managing your wealth while accumulating assets for retirement. This is why we have developed a clear and disciplined process to efficiently manage those distributions for a long and prosperous retirement.

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Insured Deposits

Insured Deposits

As an investor there may be times when you carry a cash balance in your account. This happens when you receive a dividend or interest payment or when you sell a security and do not immediatelyuse the proceeds to purchase a different security.

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Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving

Support a worthy cause while lowering your tax bill —
a win-win situation

Charitable giving is a powerful financial tool. It provides double satisfaction — by helping a worthy cause, and possibly lowering your tax bill.

Perhaps you want to support your favorite charity, create a new program
to address a specific concern in your community, or capitalize on the business advantages and social connections often associated with philanthropic endeavors. Whatever your personal goals, charitable giving can help you achieve them. In fact, charitable giving strategies often provide solutions unavailable through traditional estate planning techniques.

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